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Founded in 2006 by award winning producer/director Marianne Leviton, the Boulder Filmmaking Incubator is a leader in producing independent movies… from short films to feature length… from narratives to documentaries… and winning numerous awards along the way.  

A reliable resource for Independent and Emergent filmmakers, the Boulder Filmmaking Incubator provides an environment where people from all disciplines of filmmaking can meet to share experiences, problem solve, bounce around ideas, and cooperate to make their films a reality. Our members (Incies) find that the opportunity to network and collaborate can be invaluable in helping a project reach its highest level of quality. 

Our meetings are always chock full of discussions of future projects and screenings of members' work.  Several times a year we bring in industry speakers such as:  Soundman/Walking Dead; 1rst AD Gray's Anatomy; Colorado Film Commissioner; Steadicam Expert; Hollywood Script Consultant; Producers and Directors who work on Independent Features and National TV shows.

Working on your own projects? You may screen your work at our monthly meetings. Want to work on a project? Network with other filmmakers to get on board. Or… participate in one of the Incubator’s showcase group projects.

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The Incubator meets bi-monthly at the Boulder Digital Arts facility in Boulder, Colorado.  Registration is required.  Go to our Meetup page to sign up for our next meeting.

Participation in the Incubator is intended for serious filmmakers with all levels of experience.  You must be 18 years of age or older to attend.

Meetings - 2015

Friday, Feb. 13 - Network,Collaborate,Create
Friday, April 10 - Network,Collaborate,Create
Friday, June 12 - Set Your Creativity Free - Filmmaker, Josh Cohen
Friday, July 10 - Test Screening, Feature Documentary
Friday, Sept. 18 - Network,Collaborate,Create
Friday, Nov. 30 - Network,Collaborate,Create

Meetings - 2016

Friday, Jan. 15 - Network,Collaborate,Create
Friday, Feb. 19 - Network,Collaborate,Create
Friday, Mar. 18 - Network,Collaborate,Create
Friday, Apr. 15 - Network,Collaborate,Create

Friday, December 12th, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Get the Score - How Music Can Make or Break Your Project

 The musical score for any type of movie – feature, documentary, commercial, etc. – can make or break its success.
Composer/Music Director, Tim Cissell will speak at the December 12th Boulder Filmmaking Incubator meeting about how to achieve success with scoring your film.  Topics include: how to get the most from your working relationship with your music director /composer /music producer; legal topics regarding the use of music in your production, including work-for-hire,/buy-out, licensing music and use of library music; ideas to maximize your music budget, including real instruments and musicians vs. synthesizer/sampler music production, working with local bands and musicians, and unions. 
Tim has been a lifelong musician, growing up in a musical family in St. Louis. He began his professional career as a composer and producer in 1980, writing and producing music and broadcast advertising in Oklahoma City. In 1989, he founded Tim Cissell Music in Dallas to focus on writing music for television and films clients. His most widely seen work is as Music Director, Music Producer, and Composer for the children's television series WISHBONE (PBS) for which he directed all 50 episodes of the television series and composed and produced the music for "Dog Days of the West" the Wishbone feature-length film which ran on Showtime Cable. 
Tim currently lives close to the mountains in Westminster, CO with his wife, Amy and one wild Irish Terrier. 


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Some Incie Films Currently in Production -

Cut to Cut Filmmaking Project a showcase for Colorado Filmmaker Talent.

"Soul Searching" a miscreant is forced to make an impossible choice. Directed by Marianne Leviton.

"Connected for Life" a broadcast length documentary about the rising epidemic of kidney disease and the miracle of organ transplant.
Directed by Bob Brandon & Marianne Leviton.

"Harvest of Horrors" a short feel-good horror movie with mixed animation and live action.
Directed by Stig Plantell.

"Kung Fu Sushi Chefs" a short, high-octane, action movie.
Directed by Todd Bradley.

"Techno-cide" a short black comedy that will surely strike a nerve.
Co-directed by Sonny Alpern and Marianne Leviton.

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