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Marianne with DP Doug Leviton and Reality TV Star Ryan van DuzerMarianne Leviton is an award winning producer/director and the president of Whistling Boulder Productions, Inc.. She founded the Boulder Filmmaking Incubator in 2006 to create an active network of filmmakers who support and inspire independent filmmaking.

Ms. Leviton states, "Creating a filmmaking incubator is a terrific way to give back to your filmmaking community.  Bringing together filmmakers from all levels of experience supports and empowers our creative processes.  And when the going gets tough... you can count on your colleagues for a good laugh, a pat on the back, or, perhaps, the much needed kick in the pants!"

Marianne has directed and produced more than a dozen narrative shorts and documentaries. Her films have won numerous awards including Best of Screenings at multiple film festivals, Best Directing, Best Acting, and Best Art Direction.

Current projects include two feature documentaries:  "Historic Motley County Jail"- the story of an Old West town and "Connected for Life" - the heart warming and heart wrenching journey of friends facing the need for kidney transplant; "Behind the Fires", a short documentary that follows the national Hellitack team as they fight devastating Colorado wildfires in 2010; and the Cut to Cut Showcase Project.


January 8, 2012

Incie Animation Project

Great kick-off meeting for the Incubator animation project! Script tweaked, characters went into design, and storyboard to be completed by the end of the week.

Rolling right along for the April 20 premiere.

Executive Producer/Writer: Marianne Leviton; Writer/PA: David Schutt; Director: John Decker; Art Director: Matt Abraxas; Composer: Joshua Taylor; Sound Design/Animator: Diana Socash; Camera: Iain Paterson; Tech Advisor/Grip: Doug Leviton.

October 7, 2011
The Cut to Cut Project Announces
the Premiere of Dead Ringer!

Mark your calendar for the premiere of Dead Ringer -Thursday, October 20, 8PM at the Bug Theatre, Denver.

Dead Ringer is part of the line-up of spooky/suspenseful films at the Bug's October EFP. This is a fun venue. Only $5 admission plus free beer!

This short, suspenseful movie was produced by Boulder Filmmaking Incubator as part of the Cut to Cut Showcase Project. With a strong cast, starring Rafael Hernandez, and experienced local filmmakers, this movie is not to be missed!

Directed by Marianne Leviton, award winning producer/director and founder of the
Boulder Filmmaking Incubator

Edited by Mike Scalisi, associate editor of Academy Award winner - The Cove

Music Composition by Steve Glotzer - music featured in movies and TV such as Diane Sawyers's Documentary "Children of the Mountain", Desperate Housewives, King of the Hill, and the MGM movie A Guy Thing.

Come out and support your local, independent filmmakers... You'll be glad you did!

August 17, 2011
Second Script Selected!

Screenwriter C.J. FletcherWe’re on our way to the next C2C sequence!  Congratulations to writer C.J. Fletcher. His screenplay, Vitality, has been selected for production.

"The plot thickens as a cavalier young man struggles to survive the consequences of his actions."

C.J. Fletcher

July 6, 2011
Second Script Call for Cut 2 Cut Filmmaking Project!
Screenwriters... Here's your chance to have your work produced.

 The Boulder Filmmaking Incubator announces the second call for scripts for the Cut 2 Cut Filmmaking Project.  We have wrapped principal photography on the first installment of the project and it's now in editing.  We are excited by the intriguing story and high production value created by the first creative team.
Now we are seeking talented screenwriters to submit scripts for the next installment.  Submission guidelines are below.  Write us to request a synopsis, the shooting script, and the storyboard of the first installment script. Integrate the first installment into your submission for the 2nd installment in any way you wish – as a dream sequence, as a movie playing on a computer or TV, as opening action. The first script does not have to drive the rest of the story, but could do so, if you choose.  You can write in whatever genre suits you: suspense, black comedy, drama…
This is an all-volunteer project that provides an unparalleled opportunity for filmmakers to collaborate and create movies. 
General Guidelines:

  • In your script we must learn the main story facts and be introduced to the main characters. Use characters from first installment or create your own.
  • We must learn what the high stakes crisis is, what is at risk?
  • The first installment movie must be integrated into your script.  Be creative.
  • Genre?  Your choice.
  • Keep in mind the ease of production.  Complicated or unusual settings, props, costuming, or special effects will probably make your script un-shootable for this project.
  • Suggested length is 10 – 20 pages with 3 to 5 scenes.  If your submission needs to be a little longer or shorter, that’s fine.  This is the 2nd of an estimated 3-5 calls for scripts.
  • The script must end on a cliff-hanger or turning point to provide sizzle for the launch of the next script.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate
  • Deadline is Monday, August 1, 2011 at 6:00 AM, MST.

To request the first installment script and storyboard or for more information write to
Where does it go from here?
We look forward to your submissions! 
...Scroll down for more info on the Cut 2 Cut Filmmaking project...

June 5, 2011

That's a wrap!

Principal shooting for the Cut to Cut project's  script 1, Dead Ringer, is completed.  It was a great time with a very talented cast and crew.

LIKE our facebook page to stay in the loop as the production progresses!

Stay tuned for the premiere!

April 24, 2011
Announcing  the Script Selection for the First Cut to Cut Call!

Congratulations to Brett Hursey for submitting the first script to be shot for the Cut to Cut Filmmaking Showcase - Dead Ringer.

 "Tension builds as a mysterious man waits in a darkened house."

Be sure to see the finished movie at the ICCE event in October at the Nomad Theatre, Boulder, Colorado.

Keep an eye out for the next script call!

March 2, 2011

Announcing the Cut to Cut Filmmaking Project
The Boulder Filmmaking Incubator has launched an experimental filmmaking project called, Cut to Cut (C2C).  The aim is to provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent by creating a collaboratively produced movie – sequence by sequence.
Each sequence will be produced by its own Creative Team with a commitment to achieve the highest level of production quality.  With the oversight of a dedicated Steering Committee, each sequence will be designed to flow into the next in an engaging, if not surprising, manner.
The Steering Committee will determine the time to produce the final scene for the movie.   Final movie length will depend on the natural progression of the sequences.  The goal is to wrap the movie in less than twelve months.
The mission of the Cut to Cut Filmmaking Project is to foster collaboration between Colorado creatives while promoting recognition and providing the opportunity to explore new directions in the art of filmmaking.
There is no financial compensation.  This is an all-volunteer project. 
Cut to Cut Overview
·Writers will submit scripts of 10-20 pages in length. (Shorter or longer scripts may be considered)  

·Any specific requirements such as genre or characters will be described in the call for scripts

·Scripts will conclude with a plot point, turning point, or cliff-hanger that subsequent scripts will build upon

·Complete stories are not acceptable – the movie is built upon sequences

·Submissions are evaluated by judges based on strength of concept, execution, characterization, dialogue, plot, and production feasibility.  Judges’ decisions are final.

·Submitted scripts must be original works, owned entirely by author(s) and cannot be currently under option, sold or produced.  The writer must have the right to grant all rights in and to the submitted script.

·Email your script with a Title page that includes author(s) name, address, phone numbers and email address to
·The  Creative Team will be overseen by the Steering Committee who will make final, creative decisions - as needed

·Sequences will be completed in a timely and professional manner

·The Creative Team and Steering committee will strive to provide a collaborative, creative, and fulfilling experience for participants
·Each sequence will be screened at the Indie Colorado Cinema Experience (ICCE) at the Nomad Theatre in Boulder, Colorado

·Each sequence will be submitted for screening to the Emerging Filmmakers’ Project (EFP) at the Bug Theater in Denver, Colorado

·Sequences may be played on the internet to promote the project and the Boulder Filmmaking Incubator

·We aim to screen the completed film at film festivals


Thank you Colorado Filmmakers:

View the ICCE intro reel!

Well, we put out a call for clips and we got them!  The Boulder Filmmaking Incubator production was enthusiastically received by the audiences at the ICCE event.  There was a wonderful ovation – boy o boy, that felt good!   If you didn’t make it, no worries, the ICCE Intro Reel can now be seen on Youtube.  Visit our Watch Movies page for a look at what dedicated Indie Filmmakers can do in a week!  Once there, you can also view some of the individual filmmaker clips in their entirety.
Thank you:  Bruce, Ken, Doug, Auston, Danice, Gary, Katrina, Megan, Larry, John, Chris, and Serac Adventure Films for your film contributions.  And thank you:  Doug, Larry, Chris, Emily, Fletcher, and Jordon for your production contributions.

Special Thanks to the Presenters at our Incie Meetings:

October, 2010 - Using Kickstarter - Erin Kelly,
November, 2010 - Build your own teleprompter - Doug Leviton
January, 2011 - Using a Steadicam - Alan Dague-Green,
February, 2011 - Field Producing The Amazing Race - Jesse McDonald
March, 2011 - DIY Filmmaking Gear - Auston Wilson/Nick Jossendal,
August, 2011 - A Look Behind the Camera/Video Production- Bruce Borowski/

and to our meetings host,  Boulder Digital Arts

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